The project

Design and develop a series of emails to improve customer engagement.

The scope

1 month, working with Marketing Manager and Test Engineer

My role: visual design and email development


New templates are fully responsive with better typography and a cleaner layout.

What I learned

Responsive email design and development

Testing HTML email rendering across different email clients using litmus

The challenge

To increase customer engagement, the team is launching a weekly email campaign which will provide customer with valuable insights and resources. The current email template has an outdated look and feel and typography has no hierarchy. My task is to redesign the template and build it. It is a big challenge for me because this is the first time that I’m not working with an Engineer. I have to build it, test it, and debug till it’s bulletproof.

The design

The new design has a cleaner layout with better typography. In stead of a fixed height banner, the new template features a modern looking single image which allows more flexibility. Single call-to-action is bigger and more accessible.

Old Template

New Template

The lesson

Building my own design is very fun. I learned many new CSS tricks such as making a bulletproof button with inline CSS. I learned how to debug and how to test HTML rendering across different devices, email clients and browser. Designer can code too.